Fundamental Organic Molecules  -  a:  Aliphatic Compounds

a12  Compounds with Nitrogen/Sulfur

a:  Aliphatic Compounds

a12:  Thiols and related compounds

a13:  Thioketones

a14:  Thiocarboxylic acids

a15:  Thiocarbonic acid derivatives

a16:  Thiocarbamic acid derivatives

a17:  Sulfoxides and sulfones

a18:  Sulfur acids

a19:  Selenium and tellurium compounds

a20:  Amines

a21:  Aminoalcohols

a22:  Amides and imides

a23:  Nitriles

a24:  Isocyanides

a25:  Derivatives of Cyanic and Isocyanic Acids

a26:  Derivatives of Thiocyanic and Thioisocyanic Acids

a27:  Hydroxylamines

a28:  Oximes

a30:  Nitro and NItroso Compounds

a31:  Azo compounds

a32:  Hydrazines and hydrazides

a33:  Azines

a35:  Nitramines and nitrosamines

a36:  Amidines

a37:  Amide oximess

a38:  GUanidines

a39:  Urea and its derivatives

a40:  Thiourea and its derivatives

a41:  Semicarbazide, thiosemicarbazide, etc.


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